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Australian Website Unites Dog Lovers With Pups — For Free!

Is your pooch looking to expand his social circle? Maybe find a furry friend who enjoys tennis balls and long walks on the beach? Or perhaps you are unable to have a dog of your own and are searching for some canine companionship?

If you love dogs and live in Australia, may be the perfect social site for you. The goal is to meet local dog lovers like yourself and discover how you can help one another.

Here’s how it works: dog people simply join DogShare and create a free profile. Once approved, members are encouraged to begin interacting with fellow canine enthusiasts in their area. They discuss their routines, build trust and eventually make plans to meet-up.

“Dogshare exists solely to introduce dog-owners to other dog-lovers in their neighbourhood,” the website reads. “And in so doing provide the dogs of Australia (and their humans) with extra enrichment, affection, exercise, companionship (day or night) and perhaps even weekend and holiday stay-overs – all completely free of charge.”

While most members are dog parents, pup ownership is not a requirement. Some people opt to “borrow” a dog from time to time. No money changes hands, these folks simply want to experience all the physical and emotional benefits part-time pup ownership provides.

The dogs get extra exercise and affection while their humans are away, and pup-less dog owners get to bask in all the fun, exercise and unconditional love of having a pet. The Dogshare website had this to say about the new service:

“We found that there are so many people out there who genuinely love dogs and have experience caring for them, but are unable to commit to owning one for a variety of reasons, but with so much love to give, we really wanted to offer these people the opportunity to care for a dog, at least some of the time.”

If you live in a major Australian city like Sydney or Perth, visit to learn more!





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