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Blossom – 8-10 year old female Cross-Breed

Blossom is a 8-10 year old female Cross-Breed. Blossom is in need of her forever home urgently or sadly she will have to go back into kennels – no place for an old girl. Blossom is said to be around 8 plus but we think she is likely to be older. Good with children 6 years or over (in fact she pulls on her lead if she sees children as she wants to go over to see them) and she loves to curl up with them. Blossom is a plod along girl who walks well on the lead (except when she sees children as she loves them). She wont stray from your side. She thinks she is a lap dog and loves to give cuddles. She just wants somewhere to laze about. She is not an overly active girl. She is about the size of a small Staffy, a real diddy little girl who is a total love bug with people.

Everyone who meets her falls for her. Her only downside is that she is not good with other dogs. She is now muzzle trained and wears a muzzle when out. Saying this she is happy to walk with a group of dogs or walk past dogs without reacting as long as they do not invade her personal space. Please do not let Blossom go back to kennels. She is currently in foster in Ipswich, Suffolk.

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