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Dodo and Bijoux – 2-3 year old male Jack Russel Terrier Cross and a female Cross-Breed

Dodo is a male Jack Russel Terrier Mix, and Bijoux is a female small sized mixed breed. Bijoux, and her boy friend Dodo were rescued together from the streets, they were walking together trying to scavenge for food, both dirty and sad, Dodo was clearly looking after his girl Bijoux. Bijoux and Dodo are both around 2-3 years old.

These sweeties would love to stay together, Dodo really misses Bijoux when they are separated for any time so we really need these 2 to be together. They both walk on a lead and love to be outdoors, they are both friendly and loving. Bijoux and Dodo truly deserve a family of their own.

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