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Gena – 2 year old female Terrier Cross

Gena is a 2 year old female Terrier Cross. Gena is a rescue from Cyprus who is currently living in a foster home in Warrington, whilst she waits to find her forever home. Here is a little bit about Gena from Gena herself! “Hi I’m Gena and I’m always happy! I love cuddles and kisses and you can’t say no because I’ll kiss your feet ‘til you see me! I like to go on walks with my friend Dave (that’s my foster carer’s dad!) And he takes me to a playground where there are lots of kids. We go to the playground to get the small human from a place they call school!

Everyone loves to pet me and say hello! Even the other dogs that are there are friendly enough to say hello! I eat my breakfast and tea with my two best friends Lillie and Krystal. They are the two other dogs that live here! We play together, eat together and even sleep together. It is the best feeling ever! It’s warm and there’s always enough room on the dog bed for us all I love everyone to pet me whether its big people or little people and I love it when my little foster human takes me for a run on my lead. It makes me feel free!

Oh! I forgot I don’t just have dog friends in this house I have a cat one too! Tiny always chases me and I chase her too! But sometimes she’s a meanie and scratches my poor little nose but I just run away from her, but we get along most of the time! I’ve only been in a crate once but I was quiet and just sat and waited until the car ride was over. I don’t like being in a crate for a long time but I can manage it as long as you pull over every now and then so I can use the toilet. At first I didn’t sleep well because I didn’t really know where I was and I was really scared but now I can sleep all day and all night, that’s when I’m not too busy being hugged and kissed or playing with the other dogs. My foster humans can got out for a couple of hours and I’m all fine as long as you put me out as soon as you get home so that I can use the toilet because I can’t hold it forever!

Even though it is great here, I need my forever home! I would like there to be another dog and have little humans or at least have another dog or a little human. I’m not too picky. They need a garden and to be able to take me for a walk and make sure they can give me a good pet and belly rub everyday! When I think about it you could even teach me to shake your hand and sit but you have to give me a treat because I like treats when I’ve been a good girl.”

Gena is really is a lovable, friendly girl who will make her forever family extremely happy and complete. She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. The minimum adoption donation for Gena is £275. ADOPTION IS SUBJECT TO HOME CHECK. Full post adoption support is offered by our charity.

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