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Gibson – 8 year old male Chihuahua

Poor Gibson has a sad tale to tell, having lived with his beloved owner all of his life he has recently found himself in our care due to her ill health. As his owner’s health started to deteriorate she relied heavily upon the help of carers who would come into the home and loyal Gibson was trying to protect her from them. Our heart breaks for this boy, he just doesn’t understand what has happened and is understandably bewildered to find himself in kennels. Like most Chihuahuas Gibson is wary of new people, especially men and seems to prefer the company of the female staff. He is starting to come out of his shell and will let us stroke him and pick him up. However he does not like being examined by the vet and will try to bite so care must be taken with this. Due to his history of guarding/protecting his owner we feel he would be best suited to a home with one person.

Ideally we would like Gibson to go to a home with someone who is experienced with the breed and familiar with their little traits. He has lived with cats and dogs in the past and also shares his kennel here with other dogs. We believe he would benefit from a home with other animals as we feel he will gain confidence from them and will in turn help him adjust to his new home. Gibson will need an adult only home with no visiting children. He would be best suited to a calm and quiet household with little visitors and with someone around for most of the day.

This boy is such a sweetheart and really does deserve a second chance at happiness with an understanding owner. He will make such a loyal friend for the right person.
*Please note that Gibson is not a tiny Chihuahua, he weighs 6.2kg.

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