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Skylar – 2 year old female Akita cross German Shepherd Dog

Skylar is a 2 year old female Akita cross German Shepherd Dog. Skylar came into the RSPCA centre after being transferred from a vets. Skylar was heavily pregnant and was moved into foster care to have her 4 lovely puppies. She has been an excellent mum and her pups have grown up big and strong and are now ready to make their own way in the world. Skylar is looking for a new home where she will have plenty of love and attention and her new owner will be around for a good portion of the day. Skylar is an Akita cross German Shepard so will require plenty of walks and play. She gets on well with other dogs but we feel she may be happier living as an only pet so she can have 1-1 care and attention.

Skylar has had a few skin problems in the past so this is an on-going consideration when thinking about adopting her. (she is not currently on any medication).

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