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Zoe – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

Zoe is a female brown and white Cross-Breed of around a year old. Zoe has not had the best start in life and so we are looking for a very special home for her.This sweet girl has been living in kennels since the age of 10 weeks. She has therefore missed out on all the important socialisation skills every puppy needs to learn. All she had known was her kennel and the kennel staff prior to joining us. She does not have any lead skills, manners or social skills. Yet she is a total sweetheart. Her face shows so much confusion and how lost she is in the big wide world that she had never seen other than through bars.

We think that she may need a pet free home at the moment but may be able to live with another dog with slow introductions. She has never been in a home so will not be toilet trained so any new fosterer or forever home will have to start with the basics. She was very scared leaving her old kennel behind and scared to get out of the car.

We appreciate she will need a very special home with someone with the patience and experience to not give up on this gorgeous girl. Please note the picture if her in the crate was when she was being brought from her old kennel and she was only in it while she was being transported for her own safety.

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