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Russell – 6 month old male Pointer cross German Shepherd Dog
Basil – 5-6 year old male English Springer Spaniel
Meryl – 1 year old female Collie cross Lurcher
Barney – 4 year old male German Shepherd Cross
Barney – 4 year old male Cross-Breed
Hal – 3 year old male Lurcher Cross
Sebastian – 18 month old male Miniature Pinscher Cross
Lucy – 16 week old female German Shepherd cross Collie
Odie – 3 year old male Terrier Cross
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Milo – 6 year old male Yorkshire Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier
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8 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense About Humans
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Lola – 9-12 month old female Cross-Breed
Win Campfire Treats Hearty Bites Dog Treats!
Anna – 10 year old female Cross-Breed
Barney – 2 year old male Greyhound
Stanford – 10 year old male Cross-Breed
Mr Bean – 1-2 year old male Lurcher
Molly – 8 month old female Cross-Breed
Polly – 8 month old female Cross-Breed
Charlie – 9 year old male Cross-Breed
Jordan – 2 year old male Labrador Cross