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Lionel – 2 year old male Cross-Breed
Poppy and Rose – 9-10 year old female Chihuahuas
Groot – 18 month old male Chihuahua cross Pug
Yoshi – 4 year old male Japanese Chin cross Chihuahua
Toby – 8 month old male Spaniel Cross
Alba – 2 year old female Labrador Cross
Etta – 8 month old female Hound Cross
Hugo – 11 month old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Chihuahua
Waffle – 7 year old male Labrador Cross
Alfie – 5-6 year old male Cross-Breed
Sophie – 1 year old female Cross-Breed
Calvin – 8 year old male Cross-Breed
Hope – 5 month old female Cross-Breed
Toby – 13 week old male Collie