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Hugo – 11 month old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Chihuahua

Hugo is an 11 month old Jack Russell cross Chihuahua, full of all things terrier! Full of character who will bring bags of fun and memories to his new family. Hugo was found as a stray and left unclaimed before coming to us. Hugo is in a multi dog foster home and also sharing with two cats, he is inquisitive but no malice, so could live with dog savvy cat. Hugo can be left for a reasonable amount of time without issues although we do recommend him to be crated whilst alone as he can be destructive, however this behaviour is lessening over time as his stimulation is being increased.

Hugo loves his walks and is eager to meet anyone that he bumps into. House training is ongoing but he’s much improved since arrival and neutering! Due to still being a little puppy mouthing we would recommend a home where children are 10+ Hugo would benefit from being homed with a balanced dog so he can continue his playing and learning but not essential.

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