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Toby – 8 month old male Spaniel Cross

Are you an experienced Spaniel owner? Do you have an active lifestyle with lots of time to invest in your dog? Then Toby may be a perfect new member of your family!

Toby is a very active Spaniel Cross who is looking for his forever family. He is just 8 months old and will need his owner to give him plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. An ideal home for him would be one that will incorporate Toby into their hobbies such as agility, flyball or similar. Initially Toby can be a bit shy with new people but as soon as he has had a good sniff, he will be your best bud! We feel Toby would do well in a home with older children who can enjoy training him.

Toby has been great meeting other dogs here at the centre, albeit a little shy at first, he can’t resist enticing them to play therefore Toby could live with another dog with matching energy levels!

If you have not owned spaniels previously and do not have LOTS of time to spend with Toby, then please do not apply.

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