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Rita – 7 year old female Terrier
Betty – 3 year old female Cross-Breed
Stanley – 11-12 month old male American Bulldog Cross
Peng – 6 month old male Shar-pei
Sophie – 1-2 year old female Boxer cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Buddy – 15 month old male Pointer Cross
Suzy – 4 year old female Patterdale Terrier cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Annie – 2-3 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
Louie – 5 month old male Pointer Cross
Buddy – 12-18 month old male Deerhound Cross
Roma – 6-12 month old female Cross-Breed
Sammie – 18 month old female Cross-Breed
Blue – 5-6 year old male Cross-Breed
Charlie – 5 year old male Brittany Spaniel
Bob – 6 month old male Cross-Breed
Is there something wrong when dogs eat grass?
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