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Paco – 6 year old male Spanish Mastin

Let us introduce you to one of the softest dogs we have met. His name is Paco. Paco is 6 years old and arrived a few weeks ago in a pound in Northern Spain. He is a Mastin of about 65kg and has a height of 85cm and is 125cm long. Nevertheless he still needs to gain some weight. He was taken by the dog catchers to the pound, that’s why we don’t have any information about his past, but from the visits in the pound and what we have seen from him there he has to be a piece of gold.

Paco is like a big bear, very relaxed and calm in the pound and gets perfectly along with other dogs which are in the same cage. He likes to give you the paw. His eye expression is very sad and it’s really heartbreaking to see this lovely boy behind bars. We have promised to find him a lovely home, where he will be loved, get cuddles, receive attention and affection, sleep in a warm bed and get long walks, he deserves it.

Paco is microchipped, vaccinated, blood tested, health checked and neutered. He is ready to travel to UK as soon as the family comes forward who can offer him a lovely home. If you are interested in this big and awesome boy, please get in touch with us.

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