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Leroy – 5 year old male Spaniel Collie Cross

Leroy is fostered in South Shields (FR012). He is 5 years old male Spaniel Collie Cross. Leroy is the final one of 7 siblings that we have gradually taken out of radulti shelter, hes had to wait 5 long years but his time is finally here and he is adapting very well. Hes still sussing this new life out and hes trying his best to be brave, he bonded with the people in the house very quickly but he still gets a little bit shy and can take a few hours to warm to strangers at the moment. When he knows who you are he loves his cuddles and seeks out a fuss. He gets so excited when we come in jumping up and down until we come and greet him.

He was initially quite frightened of the others dogs in the house, in his defence there are 9 and some are a bit rowdy! But as soon as he realised they weren’t a threat he relaxed and he loves to chase and play with the younger dogs in the house flying round the garden and asking them to play.

He arrived with his brother Lucas who he lived with in Romania and we would love to see them in a home together but as hes coming out of his shell I do think he could live happily in a home with another dog or as an only dog. Our adoption fee is £250. They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless they are too young). If you are interested please message or call between 9am and 6pm

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