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Bob – 10 month old male Jack Russell Terrier cross Collie

Bob is a 10 month old male pup currently fostered in Knighton. His breed mix possibly Jack Russell Terrier cross Collie, he will be a medium sized adult dog (not more than 15kg). He is a gorgeous, lively boy, full of intelligence and personality. He loves to play – with other dogs, toys and humans too. He would be happiest adopted with another youngish playful dog.

Bob is highly motivated by food and can be trained with normal dog food, let alone treats. He has the potential to be a very well behaved boy; now what he needs is someone who can put the time in with him. He would be fabulous at agility.

Shy with strangers at first, he soon comes round and is OK with older, dog-savvy older children, and cats too. He walks nicely on-lead and recalls well. He is a little camera shy but we have plenty of videos we can share.

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