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Pixie – 2 year old female Greyhound

Pixie is a two year old female Greyhound who has been in a foster home with a female Labrador, a male Greyhound and a 14 year old child since the beginning of July 2019. She is a tiny girl compared to some of our bigger Hounds (her raincoat measures 24-26). Having decided racing wasn’t for her, and turning back at the first bend, Pixie is embracing all that home life has to offer. Pixie adores people and especially loves children. When meeting groups of new people, Pixie makes an immediate beeline for any children in the group, lapping up all the attention and fuss.

Pixie hasn’t had a single toilet accident in the house. She lets her foster family know when she needs to go out by doing a single little bark. Pixie hasn’t chewed anything in the house, and understands ‘leave’ when she pinches something that doesn’t belong to her in one of her giddy moments! Pixie is friendly and respectful towards the resident dogs, always waiting patiently for a treat, never pushing to the front of the queue and she is a sensitive and gentle soul.

She was cautious around her two foster siblings for the first couple of days but once she understood they meant her no harm she began to tentatively initiate play, particularly with the Labrador in the foster home. Poor Pixie has had all her invitations to play rebuffed, however, she accepts this with grace and diverts her attention to her toys. Being a young girl, she would benefit from another playful doggy companion and this would need to be a larger breed as Pixie is currently wary of smaller breeds. She always avoids contact with them on walks by backing away and hiding behind her foster family. She will benefit from continued gentle socialisation at Pixie’s own pace. Everything is still very new to Pixie having spent all her life apart from the last month in kennels.

Pixie has been built up gradually to being left and is now left for four hours during the week. The doggy cam shows that she settles down quickly and doesn’t fret when left alone with the resident dogs. Pixie sleeps in her own bed in the foster family bedroom and doesn’t make a peep all night. She walks beautifully on the lead and enjoys discovering new sights, sounds and sniffs on her walks.

Pixie’s wish list for her forever family is quite specific but she is such a sweetheart that we would love to be able to grant her wishes. She would love a family with older primary school children who understand how to be gentle with dogs and enjoy interacting with them. A friendly and playful, but not overly exuberant, larger breed of dog (male or female) really would be the icing on Pixie’s cake!

Pixie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. She can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

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