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Joy – 9 month old female English Springer Spaniel

Joy 9 month old female English Springer Spaniel bitch being fostered in family home in Gloucestershire with other dogs and cats. This lovely girl started her life of in Spain – she was found as a puppy in a bin by a lady and has been in her care – she felt she could not give Joy the life she needed as Joy has grown i n energy and wanted her to come into rescue in Spain – the rescues in Spain are over flowing with dogs and the Charity we work with can only take in sick and injured when we heard about her plight after an initial assessment was carried out on her temperament we agreed to help her.

Joy since arriving has progressed so much in such a short time, its pretty obvious she has the most lovely nature, she has no malice in her at all with people or other dogs. With the other dogs no problems at all very sweet natured, I am actually a dog walker, so the first few days I walked her over the secure field we have with lots of different dogs, she loved it and was good as gold. Joy has never been an off lead dog and with her energy I really needed to see if this could change. Yes she is a typical Spaniel charging around looking for things but after working on her recall in the field and teaching her the commands she got it so quickly and I have let her off now in our woods and boy does she love it, she does not have an immediate recall but as you can see from the videos its not bad for a Spaniel. She travels well in the car, is house trained and sleeps on her bed at night. She is a little insecure still and likes to know where I am but is getting more confident.

Joy needs a Spaniel savvy home – somebody who knows the breed and understands this dog needs her excercise twice a day, lots of love and companionship – somebody who lives in a rural area she is not a town dog. I have no doubt Joy would be fine with children but I want them to be older over 10 as she needs long walks and you cannot do this with little ones, she also needs time again something you cannot do with a growing family.

She has responded so well to training and I think attending classes with her she is so smart and would do so well, this would benefit her too so she understands more what is needed from her as I feel she has not had a lot of training so gets worried she is not doing the right thing. She could be great for agility once you get her focused and she learns the basics at training classes, she wants to please.

Joy has the makings of being a cracking dog with the right people and lifestyle and its important we get this right for her, she would not suit being left hours on her own and would benefit from another dog but not essential as its people she loves.

Joy has been spayed, vaccinated, chipped and has her own Pet Passport.

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