Carolina – 9 month old female Labrador Cross

Carolina is fostered in South Shields. She is a nine month old Labrador cross who is looking for a loving forever home. She was one of five pups born to a stray dog in Romania. Four of the five pups have the same facial disfigurement. It was a stroke of good fortune for these babies that their mother stumbled into the lives of a very kind family whilst she was pregnant. When the pups were born a vet advised to put them all to sleep but the kind people refused.

These are happy, healthy, playful and affectionate pups. They can eat and drink without assistance and have all been neutered with no anaesthetic issues. She is unphased by her disfigurement because she’s never known any other way to be.

Carolina is a happy little soul, her tail is always wagging and she loves the company of both dogs and people. She’s a playful little girl who loves her toys and is constantly around me looking for attention and cuddles.

They are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless they are too young). if you are interested, please call between 9am and 6pm.

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