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Dash – 6 year old female Cross-Breed

Dash is a small, white cross-breed girl aged around 6 years old with patches of brown on her face and ears and back. She would make a wonderful companion and keep a smile on your face because she’s a cheerful and versatile little dog with a strong desire to please the people she loves. She is a happy and friendly little girl.

We think that poor Dash had a home but was abandoned. Dash is an absolute sweetheart and is friendly, playful and loving. We cannot understand why she is here. She loves to sit on your lap and be given cuddles. She also loves to race around and have fun, so that’s why we named her Dash.

She would be fine to live with children over 10 years old and other dogs. She has not been cat tested. With her gentle soul, energy and interactive nature, Dash will make a rewarding companion.

She has tested positive for low level Leishmaniasis, but this is now under control by receiving a ½ Tablet a day – which is very inexpensive (a packet of 28 costs £2.50. and she needs these for 5 months of the year). She will also need blood tests approximately every 12 months to check the leishmaniasis is still under control. Check our page on Leish to find out more information and to understand that dogs can live long and normal lives if the condition is monitored.

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