Diego – 9 month old male Brittany Spaniel

Diego (was Moro) is a 9 month old Brittany Spaniel boy who was rehomed in September but sadly finds himself back in rescue because sadly things haven’t worked out as planned so he is now looking for a new home.

He’s a lovely chap, a typical young Brittany Spaniel. He lives for going on his walks and loves to play with his best friends at the park!

He also absolutely loves cuddles on the couch with his Dad and will spend a good few hours after his walk snoozing on his bed.

He’s a little bit anxious travelling in the car but does better with a nice comfy bed in there too. He also has separation anxiety so we think he’d do best in a home with another dog so that he has constant company.

At night he sleeps in his own bed on the landing but by morning is snuggled up at his Dad’s feet on the bed.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com http://bit.ly/3766YKN