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Blake – 18 month old male Neopolitan Mastiff cross Cane Corso

Blake is an 18 month old Neapolitan Mastiff cross Cane Corso. He arrived with us 4 months ago, but upon examination it was obvious there was a serious issue with his back hip. Sadly x-rays confirmed that his hip was completely out of the socket and he will need a total hip replacement. Blake was booked in for this op but sadly he began limping and needed a cruciate ligament op on the opposite leg! So instead of his hip op Blake had his cruciate operated on instead. He has recovered extremely well from this and is now walking comfortably, but he does still need his hip replacement and although not urgent at the moment it is something we need to get organised within the next 12 months. So it is extremely important that his new home are 100% committed to his recovery after the op and are able to bring him to our vets in Liverpool to have his op done y the specialist. We will go through the details of this with any potential adopter. So now a bit about Blake and his personality!

Blake is an extremely big and powerful boy, he is quite a doofus and will not fail to make you smile! He will need a home with someone who are experienced with large mastiff breeds and have the time to socialise him. He loves playing and he would play fetch all day long. Likes hard un-chewable toys, soft teddy’s, slippers! Likes finding treats hidden around the lounge too. He will need a home with children over 12 as he is such a big boy and about of a bulldozer who has absolutely no concept of how big he is. He is fine when left alone in the house, he may have a bit of a bark at first but settles down. He has full run of the house and chooses to sleep on the sofa, he takes himself to bed around 10–11 pm and snores like a train! He is very inquisitive- he has very good eyesight and doesn’t miss a trick.

He pulls on the lead and is very powerful, he is slowly getting better, now that he’s allowed to go walkies again after his cruciate op, he needs someone strong & willing to train again, he’s an excited puppy! Blake can be a bit protective over his food bit this has settled down, he needs to know the rules and boundaries of the house and it needs to be nipped in the bud now due to his size. Blake is not good with small animals and has a high prey drive. He will bark at other dogs on walks so needs a dog free home and possibly socialisation classes as he has missed out on this in the past. Blake is currently being fostered in Holywell.

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