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Rosie – 2 year old female Mioritic Shepherd Cross

Rosie is a beautiful 2 year old female Mioritic Shepherd Cross. She was found on the streets of Romania with her sister Martha. Rosie is in a home in Southport, West Lancashire with her sister Martha. There are no other animals in the home or children. Rosie is the more confident of the two, she enjoys a trip in the car, walks nicely with a harness on, meets dogs nicely whilst out on walks and happily will meet and greet strangers on walks too.

Rosie is less keen on strangers being in her home and can show signs of guarding when visitors arrive. This is something this will need worked on and can be typical of the Mioritic Shepherd breed. Therefore a home with few or no visitors would suit Rosie best, or with plenty space to keep Rosie in a separate room whilst people visit. Rosie sleeps in a crate in the living room at night or when left alone during the day. She is fully toilet trained and will let you know when she needs to go out to the garden for a toilet stop.

Rosie gets fed separately from her sister Martha, as her sister can pinch her food. Rosie is good at standing and being brushed and has been to the groomers to be clipped also. She is a lovely dog with a super nature, but does need a home where someone can manage visitors and Rosie’s grumpy behaviour towards them.

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