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Coco The Therapy Dog Loves Posing In Unique Ways

Taking the perfect photo of your dog can be tricky. Oftentimes, even just getting them to look at the camera can be a challenge. However, Coco the Maltese was born ready when it comes to photoshoots. While other dogs just sit and look cute, Coco masters her signature pose. 

Whenever Coco’s family tries to take a picture of her, Coco loves to stand up on her back legs with her paws in the air. She doesn’t even wait for a command, she just knows that she looks best with her head held high. Her unusual skill brings smiles to faces all over the world.

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

Mastering the Look

Coco’s mom, Katee Lauchner, says that Coco is always eager to learn new tricks. She’s very food-motivated, so if she knows there’s a treat involved, she’ll happily listen.

“Within only a week of having her as she was already trained to do sit and then the following week she learned ‘down’. Then it was roll-over and then high five!” said Katee’s daughter, Jessie. 

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

The family knew that Coco was special right away. After learning a few basic commands, they decided to move on to some more difficult tricks. Next, they trained her to ‘sit pretty’, which consisted of Coco sitting upright on the couch. However, Coco knew she was capable of much more than just that.

Eventually, Coco decided to make the ‘sit pretty’ command her own style. Instead of simply sitting upright, she started standing up with her paws in the air. Her family had no idea where it came from. She just does it on her own without anyone telling her to. In fact, her family has a hard time getting her to pose normally now.

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

Coco started doing the pose so often that they decided to make her an Instagram page. The page is for her and her Maltese sister, Cici. However, Cici doesn’t like photos as much as Coco, so she rarely appears in pictures by herself. Luckily, Coco always wants to be the center of attention anyway. So, most of their Instagram consists of photos of Coco standing tall with her belly showing.

“We never force either dog to do anything they don’t want to do,” Katee said.

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

Helping Others in Style

Coco and Cici are adorable little companions, but they also love to help others in need. They’re both certified therapy dogs. They visit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital often to cheer up patients with their love and affection. Plus, Coco’s adorable trick is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

“We love to make people smile and spread a little joy with our posts and in person when we work at the hospital,” said Katee.

Coco and Cici have quickly become famous on Instagram thanks to Coco’s adorable talent. Their cuteness brings happiness to patients at the hospital and their online fans. The two silly pups are always up for new adventures, so their family documents every exciting moment on their social media.

If you want to see more adorable photos of these two sisters, please check out their Instagram page!

Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

Featured Image: @cocothemaltesedog/Instagram

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