Country Star Lee Brice Adopts Rescue Dog

You might expect someone of financial means or celebrity to purchase a purebred animal from a breeder. That’s not the way country music star and “Rumor” singer Lee Brice does it though. This week he and his family rescued a dog in need.

Buck, an 11-month-old Beagle, probably doesn’t even know he’s a member of a famous family. He’s just happy to have a family to call his own now. Buck permanently joins Brice, his wife, and their three children (two boys and a baby girl.) The family had been looking to adopt a Beagle and fell in love after seeing a video of Buck. The rest is history.


Buck came to the Brices by way of The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project. This organization specializes in dogs with heartworm that need care and placement. Heartworm can be deadly, but most dogs can be successfully treated. You can also implement prevention measures to protect your pup.

Jason Cooke of The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project pointed out that dogs and people can help each other out during this trying time. Now is a great time to rescue!

“The circumstances are very dire out there right now, but the dogs and cats sitting in shelters could really help people by providing love and companionship.”

Cooke personally took the drive with Buck down from Ohio to Nashville where his new family lives. He posted updates of their journey to the Music City, building anticipation over who Buck’s forever family might be.

#Buck and I getting are ready to hit the road and get him to his #forever home in the Music City…” -The Healthy Hearts And Paws Project on Facebook


Even during the uncertain time of the coronavirus outbreak, Cooke vows to continue delivering supplies, heartworm treatments, and facilitating adoptions.

Lee Brice’s Love Of Dogs

The singer has shown himself to be a dog lover over the years. He’s an experienced dog parent and champions dog-related causes. Brice performed in a benefit concert for the Pedigree Foundation.


Back in 2017, he took to his social media platforms for help when 2 of his pups went missing from their farm in Franklin, TN. Luckily, with help, the family dogs returned home.

Clearly, Buck will be in good, loving hands for the rest of his life. Congratulations buddy!


Whether you’re a successful country singer or a regular working Joe, adopting a rescue dog improves multiple lives. Adopt, don’t shop!

Featured Image: @heartwormwarrior/Facebook

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