Daisy and Bonnie – 15 year old female West Highland White Terriers

Daisy and Bonnie are two 15 year old female West Highland Terriers who are in a foster home in Newcastle Upon Tyne while they wait for someone to offer them a permanent home. They have been left for 5 hours and seem to have been asleep for most of it. They could potentially live in a working household with a lunchtime walkies for comfort.

Bonnie is such a sweetie, she just sniffs other dogs and watches them with amusement. Daisy is friendly but if another dog is too boisterous she will tell them off with a little bark. They could potentially share their home with another calm dog. They have ignored cats they’ve seen at the vets and in the street but haven’t been formally introduced to any. They might be fine living with dog savvy cats but we don’t know for sure. In foster care, they don’t react at all to the resident lizard. They just have a sniff and walk away. The tortoises in the garden don’t even register as worth a sniff, but then, they are bigger than Bonnie and Daisy!

Bonnie and Daisy are good with children but obviously at their time of life they need plenty of peace and to know they won’t be disturbed while sleeping. Children who respect their needs would be OK for them. They’ve met a 3 year old and a 1 year old and were brilliant with them, so visiting grandchildren of any age would be fine. Daisy will growl if you pick her up so that’s a no no. Otherwise, they just enjoy the extra attention. They don’t play with toys so it’s all about fusses and lap cuddles for them!

Bonnie and Daisy’s favourite things are cuddles and belly rubs are their top favourite things, closely followed by gentle strolls, treats and their comfy beds. As mentioned before, Daisy doesn’t like being picked up and will say so with a growl. She also has strongly held views about dog groomers putting implements near her face, which is why she still has a whiskery Westie look. Bonnie is the more biddable of the two but they’re both quiet and loving little ladies by nature.

These two are looking for a settled retirement home with a routine of short walks, lap time and nap time in their beds (preferably by a radiator). All interspersed with fuss and treats. As long as they have your love and gentle outings, they’re very happy girls.

The girls are both neutered, vaccinated and flea/worm treated. They’ve had a course of anti-biotics recently for minor ailments, such as an eye infection due to overgrown fur and sore ears. These have cleared up beautifully and they’ve had the all clear. Daisy has a slight heart murmur but it doesn’t require any treatment.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com http://bit.ly/3b5xlTd