Drone Walks Dog For Quarantined Man During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to grow, many people across the globe must stay at home to avoid other people. Walking your dog is, of course, considered an important exception. We can’t exactly let our pups do their business inside, and most don’t know how to use toilets. Still, even taking regular walks through the neighborhood induces anxiety. Sometimes, other pedestrians pass by too closely for comfort.

A dog parent in Cyprus came up with a clever way around all of that. He let someone else do his dog walking. Well, something else. A now-viral video shows a pup being walked down the street by a drone. A leash connects the landing gear to the totally unaffected dog.

Vakis Demetriou posted the video in the midst of self-isolation, along with some useful advice:

“Stay home to be safe, but don’t forget your dog happiness.”

As far as we know, there’s no evidence to suggest dogs can transfer the virus to people. While there is such a thing as canine coronavirus, dogs don’t seem to be impacted by this particular strain. So, the thought of walking around the neighborhood doesn’t make them so nervous these days.

Though there’s something new at the end of its leash, the dog doesn’t seem to mind. He strolls along happy as ever on his regular walk. From his porch, Demetriou controls the drone. Don’t worry, he always had his eye on his dog.

@NXD Shutter BOX/YouTube

Some dogs scare easily at the sounds a drone makes. After all, they don’t sound too different from a vacuum. Not this pup though. He’s just glad to get out!

People online have pointed out one important question: who’s picking up the dog’s waste? Is that a drone capability as well? Unfortunately, we’re left with only our best guesses to these questions.

Watch the social distance approved stroll below:

I must say, even though this is a troubling time, dog content has been extremely comforting. Tons of kind families have stepped up to foster and adopt animals while stuck at home. In general, people have more time to sit around taking videos of their cute animals too. These are the stories we want cluttering up our feeds right now. In fact, they’re the stories we need.

If you’ve come up with a creative way to keep your pup happy in the time of self-isolation, let us know and we’ll share. Stay safe and stay home!

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Featured Image: Screenshot, @NXD Shutter BOX/YouTube

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