Ferit – 6 month old male Cross-Breed

Ferit is a 6 month old male Cross-Breed who is currently in foster care in the area of London. Ferit is an absolutely gorgeous boy, who loves nothing more than to please and play. He is very bright, loving and very affectionate. He is currently living with one other dog and plays really nicely with him. His foster mum is working on his confidence (treats help!) and has said whilst he can be a bit shy he is really polite with both new people and dogs and very gentle with children. His recall is very good and he does not wander far. He is good on his lead, unless he is walking with his foster brother, who is a big dog, then he pulls to keep up with him.

He is a real foodie, so training him has proved easy and he is quick learner. He now knows, No, Leave, Wait, Sit. Most importantly he has very quickly learned Manners. If a human has food he is given the command “Manners” and just goes and lies down away from the table/human. He has no food aggression. Ferit has visited the vets and allowed them to examine him without any fuss, he has a clean bill of health. His foster mum has stressed that when playing Ferit is very vocal, he just can’t contain his happiness, he growls with pleasure.

Please don’t confuse this with aggression, has none, he is just so happy!

Ferit is being housetrained. He now goes outside to toilet, however if he cannot get outside he will still have the odd accident. He does not yet “ask” to go outside but will go to the backdoor, so he has to be watched as he is really trying to be a good boy! Any new adopter will need to continue to help him with housetraining.

This dog is just fabulous and any adopter who is prepared to continue his training with love and patience will end up with a brilliant boy, who only wants to please.

Please be aware that Ferit will be of large size when full grown. If you want that a big softy boy becomes part of your family please get in touch with us.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/2QWjQ0l