Freja – 8 year old female Cross-Breed

This lovely lady is Freja, an 8 year old Cross-Breed and currently in the area of Chorley (UK) and looking for a lovely home. Freja is of small size. She has a shoulder height of 15’ niches and weights 9kg. Freja is a very affectionate and social girl who likes to be around people. She is dog friendly and active so it’s essential she gets the opportunity to ‘burn off’ some energy.

Freja is attention seeking and would suit being an only dog so she can have all the love and attention to herself but also a home with other dogs who don’t become jealous would fit. She has had some problems with a stretched ligament in her left forelimb and occasionally if she has too much rough exercise such as playing with another dog she may go lame on that leg for a day or so. X-rays showed that she had a loose ligament, perhaps some damage in her past. So providing she has medium exercise she is fine.

Freja is housetrained and travels well in the car. She is not cat tested. She can live with another friendly dog with similar energy level providing they don’t play to roughly because of her ligament injury. She loves being off lead in the woods and the Spaniel in her kicks in as she follows scents but always staying close to the person, never wanders off at all. She becomes very bonded and will suffer some separation anxiety when first left but will settle.

Freja would suit an active couple/family who enjoys country walks which she would love, especially woodland.

If you have fallen in love with Freja and would like that she becomes your new dog companion please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.

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