Fudge – 6 year old male German Shepherd cross Collie

Fudge is a 6 year old male German Shepherd cross Collie. This is our very handsome boy. Fudge was saved from certain death in a kill shelter but is now enjoying his new life in his foster home but he would so much like to find his very own family. Fudge is reserved when he first meets strangers but soon warms up when he is shown love and affection. He is really wanting to please you but just needs to feel comfortable around loving and kind owners where he can then relax and show off his wonderful nature and personality.

Fudge loves a fuss and cuddles and is very good with other dogs. He has not been cat tested so we would rather home him in a new home with no cats. Fudge is generally very well behaved. However he can be a bit of a thief where food is concerned and given the opportunity will steal whatever he can get his teeth into. So messy people beware! However this is no surprise considering his past life, so strict rules and boundaries and some on-going training is a must for this dog for him to realise this is not acceptable!

As we do not have a full history on Fudge previous life we will be looking for a family with no young children. Someone dedicated to giving Fudge lots of exercise to keep this boy stimulated and who has the inclination to do some training with this wonderful boy, will be rewarded with a very beautiful, faithful dog who will give much love back to his new owners. He could easily be homed with another suitable resident dog.

Fudge is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He is in foster in North London.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/3agh3qr