Jessie – 13 year old female Collie

Jessie is a 13 year old female Collie being fostered in Gloucestershire. Jessie recently came into our care with Charlie after they were brought of the internet a few months ago (they were not from the same families). We have to assess dogs before they come into our care and Jessie & Charlie passed with flying colours – both beautiful natures who have obviously been loved and cared for but then discarded by selling them on the free ads Jess actually twice in the last 12 months! Feel heart broken for them both but they are safe now and both doing so well.

Jessie is a lovely soul beautiful natured inside and out but an old lady – she still loves chasing the ball but sometimes struggles with her back legs – her weight does not help and she is on a diet – once up as you can see from the videos she is still very sprightly for her age. She has now attended our vets as she had a lump on teat and needed to start her vaccinations. On examination our Vet advised us to have the lump removed – it looked like it could be infected plus although probably benign if left it could then develop into cancer so our poor old lady has now been through surgery where it has been removed and the teat and some cysts.

We are hoping because of this it will stop future problems, but obviously this cannot be guarantee at her age and would be wrong of us to make any promises but we are hopeful this has sorted it out but can explain in more detail if you are interested in Jess but basically we have done what we care to secure her future – but if it did come back as cancer she is probably getting too old to be put through anymore surgery but she is fit and well as we speak we have put her on metacam to help her through her recovery and this may be something she would benefit from for her arthritis in her back legs so will monitor this and see what we think.

So an old lady who has the sweetest nature but we know her medical needs etc will put people off which is fine – but someone will see her and realise what a darling she is and offer her a soft bed and love for however long she has left – you could not meet a more loving sweet natured girl and she will stay in our care until her forever home is found and if its not then she stays with us.

Jess is lovely natured with other dogs, cats, children, she loves her ball and is good off the lead, clean in the house and travels well – there is nothing negative we can say its just going to be her age and we know she is 13 as we have records.

She needs a quiet retirement home with quiet people, other dogs are okay as long as calm and respectful of an old lady.

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