Matyi – 3-4 month old male Cross-Breed

Matyi is a 3.5 month old male Cross-Breed puppy who did not have a great start in life. He was born to a family with 6 other dogs, totally neglected, they were shut in a wobbly hut at times and were mistreated by kids who were pushing and pulling the puppies as if they were some kind of toys. He was tiny, frightened and fragile when he arrived in our care mid March but he’s adapted to his new environment very quickly and we found he’s a very good doggie who could be a perfect family member!

He is now 5 kg and 32 cm tall and expected to grow medium size. He has beautiful black hair that is short and quite thick. He is a happy puppy who loves playing with his doggie mates, big or small, and also plays with balls, soft or squeaky toys. He likes chewing and slippers are always in danger if you leave them around! He lives with a pack of dogs of all sizes and ages so he is thoroughly socialised.

He is a real sweetheart, a very good boy, intelligent and learns quick. He is not pushy and is quite calm and relaxed in the house. He is happy to lie down and chew on a toy in himself if his mates or humans are unavailable for a play. He is friendly with everyone who enjoys cuddles and sleeping in the bed with his humans.

He is not taken out for walks currently so his future family will need to train him to walk nicely on and off the lead and teach him a good recall. His toilet training is a work in progress and will need to be continued in his new home. The right family will need to be aware of all the pleasure and pain that comes with bringing a puppy into their lives and should be able to put the time and effort into making him a well behaved and happy adult dog.

Matyi would be best suited with a family without or with children over 14 where he is not left alone for long periods of time and there’s time for his training and socialisation. He would be happiest living with a friendly doggie mate as he loves to play and is very sociable, but he may as well be happy living with his humans to care for him only. As all rescue dogs, he will need time, patience, love and commitment from his adopting family to become a happy, well balanced dog.

Matyi is currently in Hungary and can travel to the UK as soon as the right family is found for him. He comes fully vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, with an EU passport and DEFRA approved paperwork. The right owner will need to agree to have him spayed.

Adoption is subject to Home Check and Adoption fee.

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