Pancho – 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed

This gorgeous boy is Pancho. He is a 1.5 year old Cross-Breed and currently in foster care in Lanarkshire (UK). He is a real beauty inside and outside. He is a very affectionate, loyal, active and obedient. He is trained and a very intelligent. He enjoys to learn new things and is well suited for someone who enjoys working with their dog and has a positive reinforcement attitude to training and would like to do more fun training with him (agility or man trailing etc).

Pancho behaves very well at home. He is house trained and can be alone for a few hours. He is social and enjoys the interaction with people and their company. What he loves most is cuddling with you and playing. He is currently in foster care and living with other dogs and is great with them. In general he is good with most dogs but he would not do well living with a dominant male dog. HE IS NOT TESTED WITH CATS. Because of his size and enthusiasm he wouldn’t be suited for very young children.

Pancho would make a great companion for an active person/family who not only can offer him physical, but also mental stimulation. He loves to spend time with people and be part of them. But of course he doesn’t want to miss out the cuddle time. He is very affectionate and enjoys to be stroked or spend a relaxed evening sitting next to you on the sofa.

If you want that Pancho becomes part of your family, please get in touch with us.

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