Max and Paddy – 7 year old male Huskies

Max and Paddy are two stunning 7 year old male Huskies who are looking for a home together. They have been with each other since they were puppies, although they are not related, and are very bonded. It would be a real shame to separate them and only as a last resort. They came into our care as their previous owner had mental health problems and was finding it increasingly difficult caring for them.

Both Max and Paddy have lovely temperaments and are friendly dogs. Max is the more affectionate one and enjoys more attention whereas Paddy is slightly more aloof and independent. They can be boisterous and could do with being taught not to jump up at people.

Paddy is the more playful one and love his toys, particularly soft fluffy ones. Max doesn’t like small dogs after having had a bad experience when he was much younger. They are both brilliant in the car and behave impeccably, looking out of the window. They are also fine being left for short periods of time.

Max and Paddy are full of energy and are looking for an active owner who is physically able to exercise these two. They will only be able to be let off the lead in secure areas. It is also imperative that they have a very secure enclosed garden with minimum 6 foot fencing to prevent them from escaping .

We are looking for experienced large breed dog owners. They could be rehomed with children of secondary school age but are not to be rehomed with cats.

Please note that Huskies need to be groomed regularly to keep their coats in good condition. Also they do moult lots so inevitably there will be loose hair in the house.

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