Arley – 2 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Pretty girl Arley is a young German Shepherd cross Carea Leones (A spanish type of Collie) and she has a short, tan and black, soft coat with an unusual mottled grey and black colour on her back and she has a stunning head. Arley has long, elegant legs and an athletic body. She is very good with other dogs and she gets very over-excited when she sees them, especially when she is on the lead and she just wants to play.

She will most probably benefit from a dog friend. ?She loves her walks and can be a bit nervous if she sees something she’s not happy with, so she will bark then come for cuddles when she sees they are not a threat.

Arley likes her exercise, then she likes a quiet spot to sleep for the afternoon. Arley is presently in foster with little FOXY and they get on well. Because Arley lacks confidence sometimes and can be a bit nervous, we are looking for an experienced home with another outgoing dog and no children or grandchildren to frighten her.

Her Best Points: Friendly and loving and likes other dogs. Current location is in a foster home in Starford on Avon Warks. Adoption Fee is £185.

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