Bald Man Creatively Distracts Dog Getting Nails Clipped

Oh no… The time has come to embark on that dreaded task: trimming your dog’s nails. What can you do to keep your belligerent pup still for just a few minutes? Enlist another person to stop their squirming? Promise them treats when you’re done? Scream at them that it’s for their own good and hope the message sinks in this time? Unfortunately, those things don’t often work all that well.

Sometimes you’ve gotta get really creative. Like one dog parent in Virginia who found the perfect distraction tool while trimming his pup’s nails. Greg Lee has a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Jax. This breed needs their nails trimmed pretty often, about every two weeks, which isn’t easy on either person or dog.

“Ridgeback nails grow quickly because they are meant to be outside runners, so I have to do it about every two weeks. At four weeks, grinding the nails is like the pedicure scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber.”

Lee found some success distracting Jax with food. Eventually, he innovated the perfect solution to keep the dog fully distracted and himself focused on the trimming task. It involves a can of Cheez Whiz and Lee’s bald head.

Screenshot, @Dog Tooth Media/YouTube

When Lee trims Jax’s nails, he squirts liquid cheese onto his bald head. Instead of fearing the clippers or resisting his paw being grasped, Jax puts his attention on licking cheese. Greg told Unilad the idea came about after many difficult attempts.

“I was struggling with Jax and my oldest daughter was getting him a toy to soothe him and sarcastically said, ‘We should put Cheese Whiz on your head and let him lick it off.’”

Previously he tried this with peanut butter, which was a bit too sticky. The cheese really did the trick. The entire trimming process takes about 20 minutes, so Lee’s daughter continuously adds more cheese to his head.

“Jax is a 90lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback and they are known to be stubborn and very strong. They are also very food motivated, so this keeps him in one place and allows me to focus on one paw at a time.”

Screenshot, @Dog Tooth Media/YouTube

That’s one silver lining to having no hair. It makes a great snack table for your dog!

If you’d rather see this technique in action for yourself, watch the video below:

Maybe Cheez Whiz should consider a new marketing approach!

H/T: Unilad
Featured Image: Screenshot, @Dog Tooth Media/YouTube

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