Barbel – 2 year old female Portuguese Podengo Cross

Barbel is a 2 year old male Portuguese Podengco Cross who is unique because of her black fur. She is approximately 2 years old and a lovely dog who is very affectionate, and social. She is an energetic girl who enjoys to play, run and be around other dogs. The ones that have adopted dogs of this breed know how adorable they are. They adapt perfectly to home and family life and usually make one of the sofas at home their own. They are dogs that are very connected to their owner and that also love to run and walk in the woods.

Bärbel arrived not long ago in an awful pound in Northern Spain. We rescued her and took her into a boarding kennel where she is now waiting until her forever home comes forward. She looks already beautiful, but with the adequate nutrition and the necessary care to have a healthy and shiny fur, we are sure that she will attract attention because now she is not at her 100%.

Bärbel is very energetic and fun, so is looking for a home that can provide a lot of mental and physical exercise to keep her occupied. She would love to have the company of a further playful dog or be able to have social dog friends when out on walks. She isn’t used to wear a collar or walk on the leash, that’s why she looks a little scared on the pictures, but she is a lively and affectionate girl.

We don’t have any background about Bärbel’s past and therefore her new family has to be prepared to train her in all aspects and have a good understanding and experience of dog behavior.

Bärbel is healthy, neutered and ready to travel to UK once we have the perfect family for her. If you want to change the life of our girl and think that you are the person or family that we are looking for her, please get in touch with us.

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