Blue – 5 year old female Husky Cross

Blue is a beautiful 5 year old female Husky Cross. She is currently in a pound in Northern Spain, but as soon the right home comes forward she is ready to travel to her new family. Blue was wandering on the streets before she ended up in the pound. Therefore we don’t have any background information about her.

But from what we have seen of her in the pound and from the information which has been provided to us from the workers of the pound she is a good and affectionate girl who also gets perfectly along with the dogs with who she is sharing her cage. Given her size, she is looking for a home with solid experience. She is a powerful girl and requires someone used to handling big dogs. Someone who has Husky breed experience and who is aware about their needs is the most important thing for Blue.

Blue wants a relaxed and loving family, confident in their doggie skills. Taking into account that we don’t have any information about her past she needs a home that is able to give her guidance and support. She requires a home that can give her firm but fair boundaries and training to adjust well to her new environment. She needs a fair amount of exercise and will enjoy being part of a family who spend a lot of time with their dogs. She loves to work out puzzles, and generally be engaged and mentally stimulated.

Blue is looking for a family without young children and cats. She will also enjoy having access to a nice garden and nature on her walks.

If Blue has called your attention and you like to welcome her please get in touch with us.

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