Bradley – 14 year old male Poodle

Bradley is a 14 year old male Poodle. He has settled into the pack at his foster home and loves the company of the other dogs. This 14 year old boy is going deaf and his vision isn’t great but he soon knows if you leave the room – he barks like a seal until you come back. So his foster mum has a new bed companion and he’s stuck to her all day. He loves women and can be wary of men and considering his age he can do a three mile walk no problem.

He is going to need a home where someone is there all the time and he’ll bark the place down until you come back. He is on special food due to a kidney problem and even though he’s had a dental his breath will melt your face. The joys of old age. This boy is far from on his last legs – he’s a fine specimen of his breed and very clever and agile. He’s a joy to groom and loves his food.

Please contact us at Rovers dog rescue with any questions. He’s in foster in Chelmsford Essex.

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