Captain Thomas – 18 month old male Patterdale Terrier

Captain Thomas is an 18 month old male Patterdale Terrier being fostered in Gloucestershire. This little fellow has just joined us after being found as a stray in Bristol he has done his 7 days and now joined the Starfish family. He has proved to be a very easy lovely little dog – he has met other dogs with no problems, been off the lead with no problems.

We do not think he has lived in a house before but has picked up house training so easy and not all his business outside now, he is such a bright little dog. He sleeps at night in a crate without a peep. He is a loving little dog and very friendly with people, we think he has probably been handled roughly at times as sometimes the poor little dog will coward down if there is a sudden movement but only sometimes now as he is much more settled. We have seen no aggression just a lovely little dog.

We have walked him off the lead with other dogs in our woods and as you can see from the videos he is fine no problems at all and it was a full on Spaniel.

So far so good as they say – not guardy over toys or food – he has now been neutered and started his vaccinations and also been chipped. He deserves the best of homes and we will do everything to get it perfect for him. Would like him to go to a home that has experience of Terriers, no full time workers, a country home would be lovely for him too. No children under 12 as we have no way of testing him with them and we have no back ground on him. He seems a very gentle soul who is learning about feeling loved and secure and want whoever homes him to be able to continue this. He would suit a quieter home. (cannot believe I am saying this for a Terrier).

For some reason Thomas reacts when he hears horses hooves and gets very over excited – not sure if he has belonged to people who had horses before or he just likes to chase them so that is only the only negative I can think of regarding homing and if people have horses.

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