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Carla – 6 month old female Ibizan Hound (Podenco) Cross

This striking girl is Carla and she is 6 months old. She is a Podenco Cross and is small-medium sized. She is in a foster home in Spain until she has a forever home to go to. We think Carla is probably a Podenco cross Pinscher based on her beautiful markings. She is black and tan and has large Podenco ears. She weighs around 12kg.

Sadly for Carla, her family adopted her in Spain at 2 months old, but are now not coping with her energy levels or size. She is now in a foster home as her owners would not keep her until another home was found. This is probably better as they were not prepared to put the work in with her. Any resident children needs to be gentle, dog savvy and over 6 years old. She is living with a child in her foster home.

We can not home Carla to anyone who works full time, unless they work from home. She is still a puppy and needs someone at home most of the day. Due to her age, adopters must be prepared to continue training and socialisation. They must be prepared to expose her to new people, new situations and allow her to play with dogs of all breeds and sizes so that she matures into a happy, well balanced adult dog.

We are looking for an active home for her. No first time dog owners, and sighthound experience preferred, but not set in stone. She may be trained in some aspects, but we need someone who is prepared to put in a lot of time with her, especially on her recall as she is part sight hound.

Please help beautiful Carla find a home by sharing her. She will need to be neutered as part of the adoption contacts, but she is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Homecheck and adoption fees apply.

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