Chonk Norris – 5 year old male Chihuahua

Chonk Norris is a 5 year old male Chihuahua. He has come into our care on from another rescue who felt we would be more successful placing him as we are more experienced with the breed. Chonk Norris is a very happy and easy going dog, he is initially a little bit fearful at first meets but very friendly otherwise. He loves going for walks and playing with toys and has a good degree of basic obedience. He walks well on the lead but is incredibly overweight indicating that he has not had as much exercise as he requires. He gets on really great with dogs and enjoys playing with them, he travels well in the car and enjoys going to new places.

He’s a little protective over his food but that could have more to do with the fact that he is now on a raw food diet and this can be seen as quite high value. He is not overly aggressive but will growl if dogs approach. He does not have problems with people approaching though. Inside the home he is calm and well behaved. He will climb up onto tables to get food if the chairs are not pushed in but we think that’s the cheeky side and probably how he got so fat! He sleeps quietly downstairs with no issues, does not require a crate and has no separation problems.

Chonk Norris absolutely hates being picked up and if caught off guard with it will turn to bite however he is doing really well here and is accepting it much more readily if he gets treats. Chonk Norris is an affectionate little chap who will really thrive in the right home. He is a very simple and uncomplicated lad that has shown no concerning behaviour whilst under our care. He needs a quieter home with structure, routine and with no children so that he has full capability to succeed. He shows fantastic, positive traits of his breed with huge potential to train and learn new things. He is an adorable, willing and vibrant dog who will slot straight into any dog loving family.

Chonk Norris is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please send us a message to enquire about our adoption process. We require an APPLICATION and HOMECHECK BEFORE we can arrange for applicants to meet Chonk Norris on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. Minimum adoption donation applied.

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