Cronos – 5 year old male Cross-Breed

Cronos is a 5 year old medium size (shoulder height: 54 cm, weight: 20 kg) male Cross-Breed who was rescued from death row in February 2018. He’s been living in a crowded shelter ever since, which is totally beyond our comprehension as he is a lovely natured, peaceful doggie who would so deserve a loving home. He is a happy and peaceful doggie with a medium energy level. He looks like a Labrador cross but slightly smaller. He is a handsome boy, the photos are not showing his real glamour. He also has a nice temperament, he’s quite adaptable and easy going. He is neutered.

He is quite well balanced, likes being around people and loves cuddles. He lives peacefully with his doggie mates who keep changing around him. He lives with dogs of all sizes and ages in the shelter and he gets on well with everyone. He is not pushy and is quite patient and well behaved. He has also been tested with cats and he is compatible. He is not taken out for walks currently and we don’t know how he walks on the lead, it will be down to his family to train him to walk on and off the lead. As he lives in a kennel outdoors, we are unsure about his toilet training needs.

Cronos would be best suited with a family without or with children over 14 where he is not left alone for long periods of time and there’s time for his training. He wants to become a treasured member of the family and live the rest of his life in a loving and supporting environment. He could easily live with a friendly doggie mate, but he may as well be happy living with his humans to care for him only. As all rescue dogs, he will need time, patience, love and commitment from his adopting family to become a happy, well balanced dog.

Cronos is currently in Hungary and can travel to the UK as soon as the right family is found for him. He comes fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, with an EU passport and DEFRA approved paperwork.

Adoption is subject to Home Check and Adoption fee.

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