Diggle – 18 month old male Yorkshire Terrier

Please meet Darling Diggle! Diggle is a teacup Yorkshire Terrier of 18 months old, he came to us when his owner found his attitude too difficult to cope with! he is a tiny little fella he weights under 2kg! What he lacks in size he sure makes up for in character, he is definitely not a hand bag dog, and is quite the busy little terrier he should be, he is a huge dog in a tiny little body.

He is quite the regal gent, he walks beautifully on the lead and is house trained. He absolutely loves going for walks and adventures, and loves playing with his toys and if he feels confident enough, the other dogs. When he is ready he will snuggle on your lap for hours, but it is on his terms when he is ready, he is a very independent little man. Due to him being so tiny he usually asks to be picked up on the sofa or bed, however he will not let yo carry him around or pick him up generally, he is just not that kind of dog!

Diggle is a gentle little soul, he is a darling most of the time although like a lot of small dogs, he thinks he is the boss and likes to be in control! if it’s his, its his, dont try and take it away from him as he will guard it with his life!

He loves other dogs so could happily live with a doggy companion of similar size or ruling the roost himself! He is not destructive at all and is quite content being left for short periods. Diggle can also live quite happily with cats.

Diggle would like an adult only home as he is unsure of children. He needs a firm owner who will set boundaries for him as we do here. Diggle is castrated, and chipped. He is flea and wormed.

Could you give this beautiful boy the home he deserves?

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/3fmZGaD