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Dog-Rescuing Pro Athlete Pulls Struggling Senior Dog from River

Brady Oliveira is a Gray Cup-winning team member of the CFL’s Blue Bombers from Winnipeg. When he’s not training, he can be found walking his own rescue dog, Nellie, or helping out his favorite rescue organization K9 Advocates. They happened to come along just when someone needed their help at a recent visit to Maple Grove Dog Park in St. Vital.

Image Brady Oliveira/Instagram

11-Year-Old Dog Decided to Go for A Swim

Ashley Bourgeois told CTV News that she was proud of her rescue dog for deciding to venture into the river for a swim. The dog suffers from arthritis at nearly 11 years old and she knows that swimming can be good for an arthritic dog’s joints. Unfortunately, the current was too strong for the senior dog and he was struggling to get to the bank. “I noticed when he was trying to go against the current – the water is pretty strong right now – I noticed he was struggling,” Bourgeois told CTV News. “The riverbank is really steep in that spot and he couldn’t get out.”

Image Brady Oliveira/Instagram

Pro Athlete Comes Along Just in Time to Help

Oliveira and his own rescue dog came along just in time to lend a helping hand. He noticed they were struggling and didn’t hesitate to step in to help, tossing social distancing aside for a more urgent way to help a fellow human. “It was just natural instincts for me to go over there and to help them,” Oliveira accounted to CTV News. He added, “It was definitely not the afternoon I was expecting, but I am so, so, so happy that I was there at that time.”

Image Brady Oliveira/Instagram

Just a Fellow Dog Lover Helping a Dog in Need

Bourgeois did not recognize Oliveira as a professional football player. He was wearing a Blue Bomber’s sweatshirt and physically looks the part, but when he’s at the dog park, he’s just another dog lover. He said to CTV News, “I’m just a huge dog-lover and I spend a lot of time in that Maple Grove Dog Park,” he said.

Image Brady Oliveira/Instagram

He’s Helped 50 Rescue Dogs Through K9 Advocates

Oliveira donates his time and money to a rescue group called K9 Advocates that helps rescue dogs in communities across Manitoba. In the offseason, Oliveira works with the group and has had a hand in rescuing about 50 dogs to date, including his own adorable pup, Nellie. Bourgeois added that rescue groups are in dire need during the pandemic and that we should all do whatever we can to help them continue saving the dogs that need help. 

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The team @k9advocatesmanitoba was able to rescue a total of 760 Dogs & Cats which is crucial during the cold Manitoba winter months. This pandemic hasn’t allowed us to get out like usual & rescue these amazing animals in need, but we are still trying to do our best. The number of 760 is mind blowing & incredible, but there is still so many more animals that need our help & we will continue to do our part. This video is just a small recap of the winter months, but doesn’t even show all the hard work & behind the scenes that goes on over @ K9 into making all this a reality. Please follow @k9advocatesmanitoba for constant updates & any info you may need to get involved in helping these animals live a better life. Donations & fosters are very much appreciated. @ryanpk @jasminecolucci S/O to @theprodigyba & @garrett_mcewen for coming out to help film some rescue runs.

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 You can learn more about K9 Advocates and Oliveira’s work with them on Instagram.

Featured Image Brady Oliveira/Instagram

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