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Fosters Step Up To Empty Yet Another Shelter During COVID Crisis

The news can be pretty scary and bleak during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all the news is bad. We’re seeing a positive trend as more and more dog lovers open their quarantined homes to new family members during the pandemic. Shelters are seeing an uptick in fosters and adoptions, with many of them emptying for the first time ever. This is a silver lining that gives all of us dog lovers a warm heart.

Image McCracken County Humane Society/Facebook

McCracken County Humane Society is Now Empty

For the last couple of weeks, McCracken County Humane Society has been communicating with their community regularly to drive adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As of April 21st, the shelter had 10 dogs and 4 cats available for adoption. The countdown had begun! Later that very day, the number was reduced to 8 dogs and 3 cats! On April 24th, the shelter was down to only 6 dogs and 1 cat. As of April 27th, only 2 dogs were remaining. On April 29th, the shelter announced that only 1 dog was remaining. Never before had the shelter been so close to empty.

Image McCracken County Humane Society/Facebook

Gomer, a Pit/Boxer Mix Was the Last Dog to be Adopted

The shelter took to Facebook to update their followers again, letting them know that there was only one dog left who needed a home. Gomer is a very smart adult male who knows how to sit, lay down, and even speak! The shelter shared on Facebook,

Open hearts and arms!

Gomer is our LAST dog left here. He is looking for his furever home. Gomer is 4 years old, Housebroken, and good with other dogs! He is also heartworm positive but does go home with his FULL treatment! Please contact us 💙🐾

The only stipulation regarding Gomer’s adoption was that he needed to go to a home with a family that did not have young children. Other than that, Gomer was good to go! Then it happened. Gomer and his new dog mom went home together on April 30th, clearing the McCracken County Human Society completely! His new mama commented on the shelter’s Facebook that she and Gomer were doing great. Gomer got excited and tore into his brand new bed.

His dog mom said, “I got the last baby and we are home and he is loving it….he’s tried to eat his bed already so yep I’d say he’s happy.”

Another commenter called her a hero for adopting Gomer. She said she was no hero, just a lover of dogs! We hear that!

Image McCracken County Humane Society/Facebook

Thanks to the hardworking staff at this and all shelters who are doing their part to fill socially isolated families with new furry family members.

Featured Image McCracken County Humane Society/Facebook

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