I Blame My Increased Screen Time On Dog Training Videos

It’s fun to watch great training in action

Whether the culprit is movies, Zoom calls, social media or YouTube videos, there is a lot of increased screen time going around. I’ve joined that trend, too, becoming more of a dog training video junkie than ever. (It’s not necessarily something to be proud of, but it’s not something to be ashamed of either.) I honestly can’t tell you how many dog training videos I have watched. The enormous quantity has created a bit of a blur, not unlike the blur that has made it hard to know the day of the week. However, I can tell you that the following three videos were memorable because they demonstrate techniques and principles in dog training that I wish more people knew about. The kernels of wisdom in these short clips can help everyone be more successful when they train their dogs.

Stimulus Control


from The Bark https://bit.ly/35vMmfo