Jasper – 3-4 year old male Cockapoo

Jasper is a 3-4 year old male Cockapoo. seems to be following the typical trend of this beautiful cross breeding; he has been surrendered into rescue due to resource guarding behaviour and biting. Jasper has had a really great upbringing and a fantastic home that has really done right by him. He is actually an utterly fantastic dog who’s bite history is incredibly mild, having only bitten once when they attempted to remove something from his mouth and his resource guarding is very low level in comparison to some of the cockapoos we have here. He has had a great deal of training and knows commands for the toilet, sit, wait, down, leave it, what’s this (recall), he has been trained to never get on the furniture and he does not beg for food when his humans are eating. His only down sides are that he does not like being cuddled or stroked unexpectedly, nor being touched when he’s on his bed. He will growl and he does not like being washed and groomed by his owners. He is okay when fed carrots at the same time and is okay with a calm professional groomer, but recently had an incident with his owner where he went for her when she leaned over him in the bath. He did not manage to make contact but it was quite frightening for her.

Jasper thrives on structure and routine; he does not do well with constant aspects of his day to day life changing, being exposed to excessively busy environments without sufficient caution being in place. He gets distressed with or loud sudden noises. He is incredibly sensitive to noise and barks when he hears something strange. He does settle down nicely when you reassure him that there is nothing to worry about. Jasper must not touched whilst he is sleeping or in his bed; he will bite without warning when this is done. Because of this he must not be allowed on the sofas at all in order to set him up to succeed.

Jasper has been okay with the dogs in residence here but does resource guard his space, toys and beds against them so we do feel that he would be better in a dog free home. He is nervous of very big dogs and looks to his handler for reassurance to move past them. Jasper is an independent sensitive lad who appreciates the calmer things in life. He enjoys his own space and a nice enclosed bed somewhere quiet to sleep in.

Since being under the care of Pupcakes, Jasper has been extremely friendly and social with dogs and people alike but he may change on entering a home environment that he comes to recognise as his home. Adopters will need to be aware that Jasper is a resource guarder, whilst this is mild and he has not displayed this here, he may start doing it with a new environment. He is very good with strangers and happy to meet people entering the home, he has a fantastic recall off lead if you have treats and aside from his resource guarding he is actually the perfect dog.

For those who don’t know Resource guarding refers to a dog displaying behavior (growling, snapping, etc.) intended to convince other dogs or humans to stay away from a particular treasure or “resource.” The resource can be food, treats, toys, a place (a bed or favorite chair), or occasionally a person.

Jasper needs a home that is experienced with resource guarding and happy to continue with the training the rescue has put in place here. Due to the fact he has a bite history we cannot accept applications from homes with visiting or resident children under 13. He is a sweet boy who loves people, in the correct home he will really flourish. Jasper will benefit from a home that is active; he loves to walk and when he’s regularly exercised his resource guarding behaviour improves dramatically. A tired dog is a happy dog we always say. He also would be a fantastic candidate for something like Cani cross or agility.

Jasper is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please send us a message to enquire about our adoption process. We require an APPLICATION and HOMECHECK BEFORE we can arrange for applicants to meet Jasper on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. Minimum adoption donation applied.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/3g248vu