Manny – 8 year old male Cross-Breed

Manny is an eight year old medium sized Cross-Breed fostered near Norwich, Norfolk. This is a dog with the traumas of his life sketched out on his body for all to see. I don’t think I’ve ever fostered a dog with more scars. If you know where to look you will find a rope scar around his neck where he was once tethered and as he grew the tether grew into his flesh. Just above the scar is a gathering of thickened flesh which is where it was forced to grow due to the strangling rope. We will never know how he escaped that situation with his life.

Perhaps someone took pity on him and cut him free. At some point he ended up in Botosani public shelter in Romania and that’s where he spent the last few years. He has a severely torn ear and other battle scars all over his body which suggests he was often badly attacked by dogs that he had no means to get away from.

What emerges from this sorrowful tale is not the pitiful form you would expect. Of course he has his ghosts that haunt him from time to time but mostly he is a hugely affectionate boy who loves a cuddle and a fuss. He does not cope well living with other dogs, but that’s hardly surprising. He is okay with other dogs when out walking but uncomfortable in enclosed spaces with them. He would be better in an all adult home and a quietish and settled household would help him immensely.

Manny is not comfortable with visitors to the home and care needs to be taken. He is however very happy with his own company and not at all distressed to be put in another room for the duration of their stay. It’s hard not to feel sorry for all Manny has been through, but we must look to his future now and find him a stable and loving environment where he can spend the rest of his years free of worry and abuse.

If you are interested please call or message between 9am and 6pm.

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