Milo – 2 year old male Chihuahua

Milo is a 2 year old female Chihuahua. He came to us as he’d got growly with the resident toddler and had gone for the husband. Milo is one in a long line of Chihuahuas who has come to us after showing aggressive behaviour. Once with us we can see that most of these little dogs have not been given boundaries, sufficient exercise or guidance and have become fearful and think they have to defend themselves.

We left him alone at first and then he attached himself to the 13 year old girl at home. She was the first one who could do anything with him but with time and patience he settled and is actually a very affectionate sweet boy- no snapping or growling here! He loves an off lead run and is great meeting dogs out.

He loves company and will definitely want to sleep in bed with you. In fact he’ll sleep on your shoulder, lap, nestled under your chin – anywhere! He was terribly car sick when he first came but this has pretty much stopped now – he just likes to be vocal in the car. There will be no Disney moment when you meet him – he’ll be fearful and shy but with time and patience he’ll be the cracking dog he is here. He is fostered in Chelmsford Essex.

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