Milu – 6 year old female Schnauzer Cross

Milu is a 6 year old female Schnauzer Cross. She is a cream, long-coated, Schnauzer mix, with beautiful unusual blue eyes and she originated from Ecuador! A lovely girl rescued after she broke her hip and was hit by a car after being on the street in Ecuador, Cuenca, a small city in the Andean Mountains at the age of 18 months. Poor Milu was on the street for a long time as her coat was dreadlocked and in a real mess when found. She was in the vets in Cuenca, Ecuador for three weeks and they made her well and healthy again. Milu then traveled to Spain so Milu has an EU pet passport, all her updated vaccines and a microchip, she can be taken to the UK easily.

Milu is very pleasant at home but she has high anxiety on the lead in the street, she gets super excited to see other dogs, she just wants to play, but with some smaller dogs she is sometimes nippy towards them. Milu’s owner isnt well so walks with her are stressful for her owner and she cannot accommodate Milu now, therefore she is reluctantly needing to rehome her. She gets along with cats and other dogs, its just when she goes for walks dogs in the street make her super excited and its too much for her sick owner to cope with.

The photo makes her look small but she is not small, she is medium small, she has a lot of strength and she walks absolutely perfect now, her injury was in 2015. She has all her medical history and paperwork in order. Mila needs a big garden and another dog companion too. Not tested with small children so children over 13 years please, cats okay.

Foster Report: She is a real character, she pulls a fair bit and is super excited when she sees other dogs, I have a feeling she was locked away from interacting with other dogs when she was younger, perhaps that is why she is over excited with other dogs. Or she just has Lead Obsession like many Spanish dogs who come to the UK and have to be on leads, loving other dogs off lead. She is a Schnauzer mix and about the same size, maybe a bit bigger.

Current location is in Spain can travel to the UK once she has a home to go to.

Adoption Fee : £365 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account.

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